At Northwest Motor Machine we don't just specialize in passenger car, truck (gas and diesel) machine work, though we are dam good at it, we also specialize in Formula One race planes, Harley and import custom choppers and we stock new and used high performance engine parts as well. If you need an engine rebuild, custom fabrication, custom cam design, continental 160 race plane engines, Cassutt and Cassutt III M , our planes are always in the top 5!

We are the only machine shop in Idaho you'll need.

Looking to pump that turbo cummins diesel up! Come on over to the shop that helped build the WORLDS FASTEST vegtabal oil powered truck! See GreenSpeed for more details GreenSpeed

What Is Fire Ringing?

With fire ringing, the stock steel fire ring in the Cummins gasket is removed and instead replaced with the mild steel "fire rings". This allows for a stronger seal than o-ringing. When the head is torqued, the steel rings will crush, allowing a strong seal.
This application will hold upwards of 100PSI of boost when using the correct fasteners. When you machine both the head and block, about half the recommended machining depth is used on the head and block, this way, the rings are set in both the head and the block with even less chance of them shifting when re-installing the head.

Yup you read right 100PSI OF BOOST!

Engine Parts and Special Requests
Do you have a special request for an automotive or marine part? Call us at: 208-453-1292
All of our engines are rebuilt with new rings and pistons, freeze plugs, lifters, timing components, crankshaft, oil pump, and gaskets. We regrind, polish, and chamfer oil holes to rigid specifications on all crankshaft's. Rods are checked for any bends or twists, resized and honed to O.E.M. specifications. Valve seats are 3- angle cut for the perfect seal. Heads are cleaned, magnafluxed and pressure checked, and completely rebuilt. Blocks are cleaned and magnafluxed to ensure unseen cracks do not cause premature failure. Then, to assure proper sealing, block decks and cylinder heads are resurfaced. Finally, we regrind and thoroughly inspect valves on stock engines, and we only use new valves on all performance engines.
Whether Mild to Wild Northwest Motor Machine can put together a complete engine package for you using truly the best parts in the industry like - Edelbrock, comp cams, Holley carburetors, Lunati, Brodix heads, Clevite bearings, GRP aluminum connecting rods, Federal Mogul engine parts, Eagle connecting rods and crankshafts, Mechanics gloves, Total-Seal Rings, Venolia pistons and connecting rods, Weiand Intake manifolds, XRP performance fittings, Moroso, Mr Gasket, Pioneer performance parts, and ARP fasteners.


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